The year 2017 has been a year with ups and downs for me: -Got married end of 2016 -> my first year as a husband -Graduated end of 2016 -> my first year completely detached from University -My contract as data scientist ran out end of 2016 -> find a job… Well when you are […]

“Making is the result of doing while being…” – Rasmus Nutzhorn So how do we “do while being” I asked myself? In our fast paced day to day lives there is not much time to be? Not true – you just have to take whats yours: TIME A while ago I saw this video on […]

There are several papers that I wrote and never presented publicly – In the hope that someone might profit of my past academic work: Theses Master Thesis Road Safety and Adverse Weather Conditions An empirical analysis of speeding behavior under wet pavement conditions   Bachelor Thesis Bitcoin – Hype oder Währung? Eine Random-Walk-Analyse anhand von […]

In my time as research and teaching assistant (@ the Institute of Marketing and Entrepreneurship) I created this course as part of my work to help our german speaking students with their first steps into the world of statistics (R Studio). Introduction to R

I have been absent for a while now … As of May 2017 I’m on a new journey outside the Sales World. It has been a great experience to gain insights as an account manager for Hilti. As mentioned in several articles the world of sales has a great learning curve: theguardian telegraph skilledup In two months on […]

So I finally signed the contract as a Marketing & Sales Career Starter (aka Account Manager) and will be starting with the BTS (Basis Training Seminar) on the 1st of February.  The hiring procedure was already a proof how well the company treats his employees and stakeholders. As a job seeker I went in and […]