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The Art of Memory

Having a hard time remembering things? Try this: With all the little digital helpers we have around us we are not anymore obliged to remember things.  But I wanted to regain my capability! That’s where I found out about this special species of humans who are obsessed with remembering things. From card decks to 67’890 […]

Leadership success and Authenticity

I can’t get my head around the correlation of leadership success and authenticity? However, I took the chances and graphed some versions. A – Authenticity has a positiv but diminishing effect on leadership success. B – Authenticity has a optimal level until which it improves leadership success but starts to do harm after a certain […]

Just slow down

“Making is the result of doing while being…” – Rasmus Nutzhorn So how do we “do while being” I asked myself? In our fast paced day to day lives there is not much time to be? Not true – you just have to take whats yours: TIME A while ago I saw this video on […]