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The Art of Memory

Having a hard time remembering things? Try this: With all the little digital helpers we have around us we are not anymore obliged to remember things.  But I wanted to regain my capability! That’s where I found out about this special species of humans who are obsessed with remembering things. From card decks to 67’890 […]

R is AAA

I shout out to all the data fanatics out there !!! In my opinion in data science there is mighty language and it’s called R. The community working on it is huge and it’s fanbase is growing everyday! 🌍 It is fed by the thought of being open source  and it’s helping to revolutionize the way […]

Leadership success and Authenticity

I can’t get my head around the correlation of leadership success and authenticity? However, I took the chances and graphed some versions. A – Authenticity has a positiv but diminishing effect on leadership success. B – Authenticity has a optimal level until which it improves leadership success but starts to do harm after a certain […]

Strategic Adaptation and Adjustment

Couple of days ago I met Hoshank, he fled Aleppo (Syria) three years ago and came to Switzerland seeking refuge. I asked him about his challenges in Switzerland and he told me a little story. Since he was in Switzerland he tried to connect with people by being open and outgoing  . Inviting them to his […]

Pygmalion Effect

Why you might be missing out on opportunities because you trust your intuition…♻️ I’ve been thinking about how I decide on people and I’ve been way too judgmental. I trust in my intuition a lot when it comes to people and I have the feeling that my intuition is on average pretty good. But the […]

Bouldering Is Serious Business

Couple of weeks ago I found a new passion ‘Bouldering‘. ‘Bouldering’ is rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials. The challenge is to climb short but tricky bouldering “problems” (a route, or sequence of moves) using balance, technique, strength, and your brain. I quickly realized that it was more than just a sport. It […]

Find your Ecosystem

I have found the key to success !! 🔑🔑 I was talking to a friend the other day and he told me this story. He was a school principle in France responsible for hundreds of kids and a couple of dozen teachers. He alway felt like he was a good mentor and taught leadership and different perspectives […]

Millennials Challenge Businesses

The big challenges that businesses are facing today: ⍟High volatility of young talent ⍟Over aging of the workforce in the first world ⍟Disruptive technologies The biggest challenge however is to widen our horizon of how the whole ecosystem works and how people are moving within that system- Today, technologies enable us to work from anywhere […]

Free your mind!

this week I decided to take the 30 day social challenge and I went to a meeting organized by euforia. Both those decisions are part my new mission to find my inner motivation. — The 30 day social challenge is about committing to write a post everyday for 30 days. Why am I taking this […]

The power of delegation at its worst.

Today I felt the urge to leave a meeting because of the “delegation virus“. Great leadership is about delegation and trust. Trust your employees and delegate. However if you only delegate the task and not the authority a disaster is pre-programmed. Well why did I call it the “delegation virus” because it spreads like a […]