Find your Ecosystem

I have found the key to success !!Β πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ I was talking to a friend the other day and he told me this story.

He was a school principle in France responsible for hundreds of kids and a couple of dozen teachers.Β He alway felt like he was a good mentor and taught leadership and different perspectives to the teachers he was responsible for.

But sometimes he just didn’t get it how his mentees were incapable of managing the situation and he questioned their expertise.

Until he went to the land of the unknown “Switzerland”. Standing in front of 25 students, aging ~14 years he had to open the door to the gym storage.

Well he was just not capable of opening the door because it was a different system than he knew.
And he had a group of 25 pubescent giggling kids in front of him until some selfless kid came to his help.

So we all have our potential somewhere – however we are dependent of the situation we are placed in and the people we interact with.Β How could a cactus survive in the rainforest?
And if he doesn’t manage is he less of a cactus.

Let’s find our purpose and and learn from each step on our journey πŸ––


BTW: The french school principle managed to open the door and now and he loves to work at a Swiss school – He managed to adapt to his environment because he wanted to 🌍