Millennials Challenge Businesses

The big challenges that businesses are facing today:

⍟High volatility of young talent

⍟Over aging of the workforce in the first world

⍟Disruptive technologies

The biggest challenge however is to widen our horizon of how the whole ecosystem works and how people are moving within that system- Today, technologies enable us to work from anywhere and communicate with the world at any given time. Place and time seems to be a minor hurdle.

Well this has its effect how we see our employer- we are not anymore obliged to pass a lifetime with a dozen employers- we are providing our services as long as they are needed and as long as we see potential to improve ourselves and advance the business we are working for.

We are going through a digital revolution and it has it’s roots in the people and the culture feeding it.

Well dear businesses of tomorrow try this: boards of directors at S&P500 companies have a median age of 64 (KPMG).

And there is evidence pointing out a correlation of age and gender diversity and firm performance.

So make place for the young superheroes!

What are your challenges?