Free your mind!

this week I decided to take the 30 day social challenge and I went to a meeting organized by euforia.

Both those decisions are part my new mission to find my inner motivation.

— The 30 day social challenge is about committing to write a post everyday for 30 days.

Why am I taking this challenge?

Writing a post everyday pushes me to reflect on things that are important to me and transform these reflections into words.

— Euforia is an organization that has set the goal to “engage the unengaged”. One of the values that euforia state is that they are unsatisfied with the current world and dedicated to taking action.

Well, I share that basic value and I want to change things in our current world and if its not me that takes action I want to at least help other with their actions.

Both decisions involve dedication and commitment and the intrinsic motivation to keep going.

And I want to keep going – I want to be free of the external factors that influence how I function. I want to be free of the concept of being rewarded for my work. I want to advance where the direction of my actions is purely guided by my purpose.

Let’s see how long it will take me !

What is your way to find your mission?

#purpose #motivation #30DS