The power of delegation at its worst.

Today I felt the urge to leave a meeting because of the “delegation virus“.
Great leadership is about delegation and trust.

Trust your employees and delegate.

However if you only delegate the task and not the authority a disaster is pre-programmed.

Well why did I call it the “delegation virus” because it spreads like a virus. At the highest level tasks are delegated and the authority is kept.

The separation of the task and the authority results in some degree of information discrepancy.

—- At every step of the delegation new individuals are involved and the information regarding the task is enriched.

In the best case::: this new information doesn’t require the task to be readjusted.
—– VS
In the worst case::: the individual to which the task was delegated can’t readjust the task because he doesn’t have the authority.

While being in this stressful situation the easiest way out is to re-delegate the task and keep the authority.


Lesson learned:
Don’t just delegate tasks – delegate the authority with them !!!

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