Decision taking just got personal

The year 2017 has been a year with ups and downs for me:
-Got married end of 2016 -> my first year as a husband
-Graduated end of 2016 -> my first year completely detached from University
-My contract as data scientist ran out end of 2016 -> find a job…

Well when you are placed in an unknown environment, you take decisions / or are forced to take them.

Mid 2017 I was on holiday in SriLanka and had two job offers – I felt I had to take a decision.

you don’t have to decide if you don’t want to – take your time; you are worth more than the choices you have.

Because I was sh*t scared of the uncertainty of my decision involved I
started to use every imaginable way to reduce the risk by
talking to friends, screening the comments about the companies,
writing enourmous pro/contra lists and and and…..

You can’t reduce risk by just thinking about possible outcomes.
In the best case you can evaluate the level of risk you are dealing with.

What kind of a decision are we dealing with here?
Well I would say a REALLY F*ING personal one since I will share my time, ideas
and my work will influence who I am and what I stand for !!!
(Thank you Rasmus Nutzhorn for your thoughts on why business is personal; check him on LinkedIn and Medium)

When you decide to spend your time with your loved one did you write a pro/contra list and ask your friends or scan the internet for comments about your loved one ???


You trusted your HEART and your GUT FEELING and went HEAD ON – at least I did that.
Well I love my wife and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Am I happy with my job ? – That’s an other story but work is in progress.
Business is personal and you gut feeling is king.

So long story short TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING !!!
(I think @Magnus Walker would agree – check his TED Talk “Go with your gut feeling”)

How do you take your decisions?
Do you think there is an universally right way of taking decisions?
Should we always trust our gut feeling?

#30DS #BusinessIsPersonal #GutFeeling

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