Time for a change

I have been absent for a while now …

As of May 2017 I’m on a new journey outside the Sales World. It has been a great experience to gain insights as an account manager for Hilti. As mentioned in several articles the world of sales has a great learning curve:




In two months on the field I gained peoples skills that I didn’t know I lacked.
I learned how important it is to adjust your level of energy at any moment of a conversation and that it is essential to keep calm even if clients show interest in your products – it’s all about patience, persistence and closing the deal when the time comes. At the beginning of a sales job one sees the $$$ signs at the sky when a client shows the blink of interest for your wares – these $$$ signs are your worst enemy if you want to close the deal. It is important to listen and wait even if your client seems to be a potential buyer and not overload him with your selling euphoria.
In todays professional world it’s all about providing the best service and building the customer relationship and not just selling a product!